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Details Functional-Hybrid-Materials-Materials-Science

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry: Functional Hybrid Materials Gives an overview of the facets of industrial chemistry, illustrating the superiority of well designed hybrid materials over conventional materials, and their potential ...

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Details Conacord-Schmuckfaden-60m-13mm-Recycling-Material-wei

Schmuckfaden 60m Ø1,3mm Recycling-Material weiß Produktmerkmale: vielseitig einsetzbar reißfest tragfähig belastbar aus Recycling Material Technische Daten: Länge: 60m Durchmesser: Ø 1,3 mm Material: Recycling-Material Farbe: weiß Tragfähigkeit: ca ...

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Details Flexible-Electronics-Materials-and-Applications-Electronic-Materials-Science-Technology-Band-102

This excellent volume covers a range of materials used for flexible electronics, including semiconductors, dielectrics, and metals. The functional integration of these different materials is treated as well. Fundamental issues for both organic and ...

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Details KnstlicheMaterial-Schnitt-knstlichen-Gerbera-Vase-Porzellan-H-26cmwhlen-Sie-Ihr-Material-creme-26x-14cm

Künstliche - Material Schnitt Gerbera künstlichen Vase, Porzellan, H 26 cm - wählen Sie ihr Material: Creme 26 x 14 cm